• Faxing Berlin (30ml)

    Faxing Berlin (30ml)

    € 11.95

    The infusion of the freshest strawberries and the rich, milky goodness of cream...Faxing Berlin is a vaper favorite simply because it tastes beyond brilliant. A sweet and robust liquid, it has a solid profile with a deeply satisfying full-bodied vapor. The clouds are thick, chunky, and loaded with flavor.

  • Sin City (30ml)

    Sin City (30ml)

    € 11.95

    Who doesn't love a good custard-based liquid? The utterly sinful Sin City is based on the heavenly European crème caramel with the delicious taste of caramelized sugar. It's a signature liquid wrapped with the divine taste of sweet milk! The custard and milky sweetness are superbly balanced, neither overtakes the other.

  • Grandma's Delight (30ml)

    Grandma's Delight (30ml)

    € 11.95

    Perfectly ripened apples, a real homemade crust, and a delicately balanced blend of sugar and spice - Grandma's Delight tastes exactly like an old fashioned apple pie right down to crust. Finger-licking good, Grandma's Delight is a true masterpiece of mixology that tastes incredibly good and vapes even better!

  • Energy Boost (30ml)

    Energy Boost (30ml)

    € 11.95

    Energy Boost is a perfect replica of the world famous energy drink. Aside from being absolutely delicious, Energy Boost is remarkable for thick chunks of vapor that delivers a divine throat kick.

  • Passion Apple (30ml)

    Passion Apple (30ml)

    € 11.95

    Imagine taking a bite from the reddest of red apples; the taste, the satisfaction...we took that delicious sensation and bottled it just for you! Passion Apple is made with extracts from the brightest, reddest apples such as Red Delicious, Pacific Rose, and the darkest Fuji apples.