electronic cigarette studies

As the Tobacco Products Directive continues to create shockwaves in the electronic cigarette industry, we always find ourselves coming back to the main issue about electronic cigarettes and the TPD: safety.

The vaping industry is not your average industry. You can find literally countless articles about e-cigarettes when you google it. The problem is, electronic cigarette reviews and studies are spread over a massive webscape, plus the electronic cigarette is probably on top of the list of things that are actively demonized and abused through mis and disinformation. At any rate, Wikipedia has put together a dedicated page on the safety of electronic cigarettes so we wanted to share that with you. Yes, Wiki is not the most reliable source out there, but we are sharing more for the linkage at the bottom. There are around 150 links to electronic cigarette research so it's a great place to start learning about ecigarette studies.

It's going to be interesting after the TPD dust settles. Ecigs will be safer, that's for sure, but we are still on the fence about eliquids. Why mess so much with nicotine levels and mls? Ask for childproof packaging and move on, you know? Still, as long as the consumer wins, it's all good so here is us hoping...