Electronic cigarettes have grown to a global, multi-billion dollar industry in just a few short years - and that astounding growth has happened in the face of some of the most difficult conditions an industry has ever known. Deliberate misinformation policies, big tobacco and pharma holding down the market until they themselves got ready to enter the market...even the concept was stigmatized as normalising smoking when the electronic cigarette was first introduced.

Electronic cigarette industry growth chart

Explosive growth in the face of seriously debilitating obstacles is an economic miracle but a multi-billion dollar industry doesn't just indicate monetary statistics. It is also a social indicator that clearly shows e-cigarettes are growing in popularity - growing in leaps and bounds. How would this phenomenal growth been possible otherwise? Of course, as the industry grows, so do companies. VAPROS is a sub-brand of VISION that is the direct result of the growth of both the industry and the VISION brand. By diversifying operations as we grow, we are able to optimise the customer experience and offer the best in every possible way.