While we are more focused on Europe and the US, it always it great to hear other industrialized nations voice pro-electronic cigarette opinions. Take John Cameron for example; he is a doctor in New Zealand and perfectly outlines what the electronic cigarette is in typically efficient and amusing Kiwi style.

"We know that the best thing to put in your lungs is fresh air, no question about it, the worst thing that you can put into your lungs is burnt tobacco leaf."

Dr. Cameron hits home with:

"Vaping sits somewhere in the middle there where there is nothing wrong with nicotine as a drug, it's the delivery system if your burning organic matter, that is where it goes rubbish."

Brilliant. Absolutely what we need to see more of. If the e-cigarette concept is ever to seriously take hold, we need individuals like Dr. Cameron to say it like they see it - with truth and honesty.