VISION/VAPROS recently performed research to see how much longer the 850mAh and 1650mAh Spinner 2 VV batteries last compared to a regular 650mAh eGo battery.

Vision Vapros Spinner 2 Variable Voltage Battery and eGo Battery

A basic rule of thumb when determining how long a battery will last is to check if the output (W) is close to maximum when voltage and resistance levels are consistently stable. The maximum output of a typical eGo battery is 5W. That means no matter how low a resistance you use, you will get an output of 5W. By contrast, the Spinner 2's can go up to 12W, which delivers 240% more output compared to an eGo battery.

Lower output voltage and higher atomizer resistance mean a battery will last longer. That's why a normal eGo battery lasted only for 685 puffs while the 1650mAh Spinner 2 goes on for 1758 puffs while vaping at 3.3V with a 2.5Ω atomizer. The opposite also shows how longer Spinner 2 batteries last compared to eGo batteries. Higher output voltage and lower atomizer resistance means a battery will not, relatively, last that long. As you can see in the chart, the 1650mAh Spinner 2 lasted for 882 puffs while vaping at 4.8V with a 1.8Ω atomizer - but it still lasted longer than a typical eGo battery vaped at 3.3V with a 2.5Ω atomizer.

Stability, power, affordability - no wonder the Spinner 2 is the battery of choice for millions of electronic cigarette enthusiasts.