VAPROS Europe is the official representative of the VISION group in Europe. We import, market, and distribute the full range of VAPROS/VISION products. Our focus is on developing an efficient network of resellers who understand that offering the latest technology and delivering a flawless customer experience are the keys to success.


VISION/VAPROS products range from innovative ecigarettes and atomizers to extremely stylish batteries, professional liquids and accessories. Every product is made with the sharpest technology available and goes through a rigorous R&D process that ensures the best possible quality along with optimal usability and brilliant esthetics.


Here at VAPROS we consider communication to be one of the most important aspects of business. You might have a question about a product, you may want to explore business opportunities, you might just want to give feedback - whatever you need, just let us know and we will get back to you with relevant and useful information.