• Nunchaku & V-Spot Full Kit

    Nunchaku & V-Spot Full Kit

    € 53.95

    The Nunchaku V-Spot full kit brings together two of our most appreciated products in one exceptional package fit for all. The Nunchaku V-Spot features a variable wattage battery that is specially designed to automate voltage levels.

  • X.Gun VV/VW 18650 MOD

    X.Gun VV/VW 18650 MOD

    € 41.95

    The X.Gun is a variable voltage and wattage mod with an amazingly unique design that has taken the world by storm. The X.Gun shoots to kill with a handcarved exterior that is the definition of refined craftmanship. Wood, steel, and copper blend so beautifully, the X.Gun looks and feels like a portable art show. It illustrates a Chinese dragon delicately engraved onto the wooden sleeve that gives a magical sense when touched. The X.Gun integrates the finest of time-honored Chinese artistry and modern vaping technologies.

  • iBox Mini 2000mAh 30W

    iBox Mini 2000mAh 30W

    € 36.95

    We proudly present the Vapros iBox Mini; it goes anywhere, vapes everywhere! As with every Vapros product, the iBox Mini is an electronic cigarette that features only the best. Top grade materials, professional workmanship and an extreme attention to detail - you will definitely feel the difference in the quality of the vape.

  • I-Energy 1600mAh Kit

    I-Energy 1600mAh Kit

    € 44.95

    The I-Energy is without a doubt one of the most popular ready to vape ecigarette kits on the market today. The beautifully designed battery fits comfortably in your hand and is matched with a fantastic clearomizer that together represent one of the best vaping deals in terms of price, performance, and looks.

  • Mini Spinner 2 Kit

    Mini Spinner 2 Kit

    € 39.00

    The Spinner 2 Mini e-cigarette is a member of the next generation of Spinner 2 hardware. The incredibly beautiful variable voltage battery comes with an equally awesome dual coil X.Fir BDC glassomizer that makes for an extremely attractive electronic cigarette that delivers outstanding performance.

    If you need style and performance, you'd do well to consider the Spinner 2 Mini kit.

  • iBox 1500mAh Variable Voltage & Wattage Battery - Sub Ohm

    iBox 1500mAh Variable Voltage & Wattage Battery - Sub Ohm

    € 43.50

    Designed by Vision, the Vapros iBox is an utterly fantastic MVP (Mobile Variable Power) battery that combines variable voltage and wattage with an extremely easy to use interface. The iBox is a beautifully designed box mod with outstanding build quality that offers great value in performance and style.