Nunchaku & V-Spot Full Kit

The Nunchaku V-Spot full kit brings together two of our most appreciated products in one exceptional package fit for all. The Nunchaku V-Spot features a variable wattage battery that is specially designed to automate voltage levels. Changing the power (wattage) level means the battery automatically adjusts the voltage to the appropriate level. Variable wattage is the most convenient vaping option because it requires less adjusting, you always get the same amount of power delivered to the coil. Variable wattage is the best way to achieve a consistent and accurate vape. You don't have to switch between voltage levels or worry about atomizer resistance anymore. No matter what resistance your atomizer is, the Nunchaku VW will automatically adjust the voltage to deliver your selected wattage. For example, if you're using a 2.6Ω atomizer, the VW circuit will adjust the voltage automatically to deliver the desired wattage. Similarly, if you choose to use a 2.1Ω atomizer, the voltage will again be adjusted automatically to deliver the corresponding wattage. To select wattage, you just turn the rotary dial on the bottom clockwise. The Nunchaku is equipped with pass-through technology as well, a feature that allows you to vape while it is being charged.

Nunchaku Battery

Capacity: 2000mAh
Wattage: 6W - 18W
Length: 129.5mm
Diameter: 20mm
Compatibility: 510/eGo

Although the Nunchaku V-Spot is a complete e-cigarette, the battery features a flexible top cap that can be adjusted to work with different atomizers that have longer or shorter poles, it can be used with virtually any type of atomizer. Charging is also very easy, the micro USB port can be used to charge directly from a USB port or through a wall socket, using an adapter. The Nunchaku V-Spot ecigarette is also equipped with numerous safety features. An 18-second cut off time means your battery automatically shuts off if the button is pressed for 18 seconds. Also, you can lock you battery by clicking the fire button five times (to turn it back on again, you just press an hold the fire button). The atomizer is also protected against short circuits when the resistance is less than 1Ω. In such cases, the indicator light flashes 10 times and the battery stops working till the short/low resistance atomizer is removed. The Nunchaku battery also has a built-in power check system. You can also check remaining power by clicking and holding the button down when the battery is on:

5 lights: 100% full
4 lights: 80% full
3 lights: 60% full
2 lights: 40% full
1 light: 20% full

And the other side of the medallion - the much acclaimed V-Spot atomizer. The V-Spot is a truly exceptional atomizer with vertical dual coil (VDC) technology that vapes like a dream at high voltage/wattage levels. Precision engineering, quality materials, trendsetting design - the V-Spot is all about finding the sweet spot and maximizing the vape. Airflow and inner-chamber pressure is perfectly proportioned to deliver a superb vapour performance. The Nunchaku V-Spot kit comes with 1.5Ω and 1.8Ω heads that translate liquids into vapor exactly right - no loss of flavour whatsoever. Flavor transmission is flawless with the V-Spot, but that's not all. The amount of vapor it produces is also quite impressive with thick and huge clouds every time you puff. Add to that an amazing throat hit, and you get one the best clearomizers on the market today. The all-metal body features a tempered Pyrex glass tank that makes it extremely strong and durable. You can also change the glass mouthpiece with any 510 mouthpiece you want.

V-Spot Atomizer

Liquid capacity: 2ml
Resistance: 1.5Ω and 1.8Ω
Length: 70.8mm
Diameter: 18mm
Threading: eGo

Package Contents

1x 2000mAh Nunchaku Variable Wattage Battery
1x V-Spot Atomizer
1x 1.5Ω VDC Atomizer Head
2x 1.8Ω VDC Atomizer Heads
1x Spare Drip Tip
1x 220V Wall Adapter/Charger
1x Micro USB Charging Cable