TPD: Tobacco Products Directive for electronic cigarettes

For those that haven't heard of the TPD, it's not the toilet paper directive, instead, it is the Tobacco Products Directive that directs people to die easier by making life harder for the electronic cigarette industry and vapers.

This lovely directive, by which many restrictions are imposed on electronic cigarettes, such as 10ml being the largest bottle and others, are about to take effect. For example,

10 days ago Innokin said of the TPD they wouldn't be allowed to import non-compliant electronic cigarette products into EU member states after 20 November 2016. That is 5 days from now.

It has begun, Big Tobacco & Pharma have, unfortunately, won this battle. But not the electronic cigarette war. We still believe the market will "vote with their feet" and not offer their business to global behemoths that live and die for profit margins.

The total cutoff date for electronic cigarettes, liquids, pretty much everything is 20 May 2017. That means 6 months from you will be hard put in finding vaping supplies. Great job, government!