No, your eyes are not deceiving you, electronic cigarettes are being called drugs by such organizations like the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

electronic cigarettes are not drugs

We could act incredulous, we could show unbiased and favorable e-cigarette studies, we could even refuse to play and go home...but what good would that do? We, and many others like us, have been trying to inform the public about the benefits and possible dangers of electronic cigarettes for years (yes, we are not blind to the fact that ecigarettes need regulating; at the end of the day, this is the industry we work in and we want it to be completely safe). As much as we try, it's apparently no use. It seems the hidden manipulators in Washington D.C. and other global capitals will not stop demonizing electronic cigarettes.

We don't know how you see it, but as far as we are concerned, it looks like the Prohibition all over again. It doesn't take a huge jump in imagination to visualize a black market in vaping like moonshiners back in the 1920s when alcohol was made illegal. Vapers will become vapeshiners!

The main question - what can we do? The first and foremost thing to do is vote for pro-vape candidates whenever possible. This will definitely help, otherwise, we are going to be criminalized, marginalized and sodomized by corrupt politicians and disease-pushers at Big Tobacco & Pharma.