VISION has been committed to providing only the highest quality electronic cigarette products. We launched immensely successful products like the original Spinner battery, the world famous Spinner 2, and more recently the Stylish line of batteries that have been well-received by vapers. Our innovative drive continues - we will soon introduce new VAPROS products that are unique in their beauty and extremely practical in terms of usage.

Fake Vision and Vapros electronic cigarette batteries

As hard as we work to provide top shelf products, there has always been imitations of the lowest quality. It has recently come to our attention that there are now companies selling Spinner 3 batteries under the VISION brand. We would like it to be known that these batteries are not genuine VISION products, as we have never manufactured such a battery. As always, we work diligently to protect the quality associated with VISION and regularly take legal action against such blatant disregard of law. Protect yourself, make sure you are getting authentic VISION/VAPROS products - click here to visit our official manufacturer's website. It is frequently updated with new product announcements, as well as useful information pertaining to existing products.

Better to be safe than sorry.