We recently asked one the top reviewers on YouTube to do an unbiased review on two of our products, and the results are in! The Nunchaku variable wattage battery has been one of our best selling electronic cigarette batteries since they were introduced - and with good reason. The beauty of the VW vaping system is that you don't need to manually adjust for voltage; the battery checks the atomizer resistance and automatically delivers the best voltage. This way, your ecigarette always vapes at maximum levels. Variable wattage is quickly becoming the standard in vaping, and has overtaken variable voltage as it is much more effective and much more vaper-friendly in terms of vapour performance and ease of use.

The Nunchaku's specially made counterpart is the V-Spot clearomizer series. With bottom dual coil (BDC) technology, the V-Spot delivers impressive amounts of vapour at all wattage levels. Of course, this is how it should be, but as we all know, many clearomizers sacrifice flavour transmission to deliver huge clouds. Not so with the V-Spot. This vaporizer transmits flavour accurately at every wattage level along with thick and massive plumes.

The Nunchaku and V-Spot were made for each other, literally and figuratively. Both items come in a wide range of colours and styles; add to that a super stylish design and you get a complete vaping solution that delivers more than a brilliant vape - premium quality, high performance, fantastic looks.