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Among the various propaganda techniques of Big Tobacco, Big Pharma and the FDA is to blurt out electronic cigarettes do not help in the quit smoking period. It's always the same, they wantonly skew electronic cigarette research results to support their lies. Well, no more of that - at least for the time being. Because, as always, whenever the big cats throw a pile of lies online, they are hit back with real and credible science.

The prestigious British Medical Journal has recently reported results pertaining to how much electronic cigarettes help you cut smoking and verified what we already know. The BMJ found that cigarette smoking rates dropped significantly during the 6-week e-cigarette testing period, from an average of 16.15 to about 7.4 cigarettes a day - more than a 50% cut in smoking in 6 weeks.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is why we should always be wary of politicians and corporate juggernauts. Otherwise, we will keep losing local and global ground and vaping rights will become a marginalized thought within a severely demonized industry. Thousands of people will keep dying so they can reap monopoly-size profits. It's beyond tragic.