From $6bn in 2015 to around $32b in 2021 and $50b in 2025 - the electronic cigarette is gaining by leaps and bounds.

The massive increase of vaping has kept on boosting electronic cigarette sales from day one - so much for Big Tobacco and Big Pharma spewing out propaganda, people have seen ecigs are a worthy way to quit smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are more popular

As we always say, we are all for decent and logical electronic cigarette regulation - no-one in their right mind would want unsafe products, regardless of what it may be. We understand the need for rules, but don't kill the industry while you're doing it. Don't butcher an industry with huge potential, support it. Maybe someone from the FDA or WHO or wherever will read this and re-think. At any rate, vapers are keeping on keeping on, a fact apparent by the international growth of ecigs - and that is a great thing. Vape on!