iBox 1500mAh Variable Voltage & Wattage Battery - Sub Ohm (Gold)

Designed by Vision, the Vapros iBox is an utterly fantastic MVP (Mobile Variable Power) battery that combines variable voltage and wattage with an extremely easy to use interface. The iBox is a beautifully designed box mod with outstanding build quality that offers great value in performance and style.

Length: 95mm
Width: 54.3mm
Depth: 18.4mm
Compatibility: 510/eGo
Voltage: 3V to 6V
Wattage: 3W to 25W
Resistance Range: 0.5Ω to 1.8Ω
Cut-off Range: 8 to 18 seconds
Power: 1500mAh

Easy Management, Intelligent Display

The iBox MVP allows you to choose voltage and wattage levels between 3V-6V and 3W-25W. The result is a perfectly customized vape that delivers the exact amount of vapour you want. Variable voltage and wattage also allows you to adjust the strength of the throat kick. The 1500mAh battery is so powerful, it can be used to charge smartphones and tablets. The user friendly design is apparent in the buttons and switches as well. The switch on the side of the case is the power button; to activate/deactivate, just slide it up and down with your thumb. The central button in the middle of the case is used to choose voltage or wattage and features an LED light.

The iBox LED screen displays a wide range of useful information such as voltage/wattage output, battery power, date and time, atomizer resistance, and external output levels. To enter the control panel, just press the center button for two seconds and the screen will activate and allow you to configure the device, including choosing output levels, cut-off times, resistance protection, and more. Charging the iBox is very convenient as well; you can charge it through the wall using the USB cable and 230V adapter, or directly through a USB port. All in, the iBox is a true powerhouse when it comes to box mods.

Package Contents

1x Vapros iBox MVP Variable Voltage & Variable Wattage Battery (1500mAh)
1x Micro USB Charger Cable
1x 230V Adapter

The iBox does not include an atomizer; if you need an atomizer, we would suggest the Vapros Zero BDC clearomizer.