X.Gun VV/VW 18650 MOD

The X.Gun is a variable voltage and wattage mod with an amazingly unique design that has taken the world by storm. The X.Gun shoots to kill with a handcarved exterior that is the definition of refined craftmanship. Wood, steel, and copper blend so beautifully, the X.Gun looks and feels like a portable art show. It illustrates a Chinese dragon delicately engraved onto the wooden sleeve that gives a magical sense when touched. The X.Gun integrates the finest of time-honored Chinese artistry and modern vaping technologies. This supersexy mod uses flat top 18650 batteries so you’ll never run out of power or admiring looks!

Capacity: 18650-based
Voltage Range: 3V - 6V
Wattage Range: 3W - 12W
Dimensions: 137mm (L) x 27.5mm (D)
Compatibility: eGo/510

First of all, the top and bottom caps are made from brushed copper with a distinctly aged finishing. The top cap features air flow grooves and is removable for cleaning and maintenance purposes as well as for using your X.Gun with eGo threaded devices. The bottom cap is spring loaded so there is no rattling sound from the 18650 battery once inside. The X.Gun is a marvel of engineering because it sports one single button that lets you control everything about the vape. The LED button display gives you all the information you need to optimize your vape including voltage, wattage, and resistance levels. The X.Gun is eGo/510 compatible with the included adapter, comes with a booklet full of useful information and is loaded with safety features.

• Short Circuit Protection
• Reverse Battery Protection
• Battery Voltage Detection
• Resistance Load Detection
• Low Voltage Warning
• Overtime Vaping Warning
• On/Off Switch
• LED Display

Package Contents

1x X.Gun VV/VW 18650 Battery
1x Top Cap (Assembled)
1x Bottom Cap (Assembled)
1x eGo/510 Adapter Ring (Assembled)

Important: The X.Gun does not include an inner 18650 battery. Please click here to view 18650 batteries.