Fiber Freaks Wickpad

Fiber Freaks wicks are extremely high performing in terms of absorbing and releasing liquid. The raw material is reclaimed wood pulp. Made from an organic solvent and synthesized under sterile conditions, Fiber Freaks wicks offer a truly outstanding performance. Neutral in terms of flavor delivery, they do not retain flavors. They are perfect for vaping with different liquids, without getting the tastes mixed up. Made with rigorously selected and processed wood cellulose, the fiber formation of the No: 1 is not too dense; it is well-aerated. Although it provides exceptional wicking and optimal flavor translation, No: 1 is not recommended for setups that need to vaporize massive amounts of liquid in a short time (if you have such a requirement, please purchase the No: 2 with its denser fibers that hold more liquid per unit of wick area). For normal wicking purposes, the No: 1 is perfect. The wicks come in easy to use pad form. We suggest cutting with scissors and rolling between the fingers to form a short wick-stick.

Packaging: Hermetically-sealed (airtight) bag with zip
Bag size: 80mm x 130mm
Avg. weight: 4 - 5 gr
Avg. content: 100 - 150 wicks

Package Contents

1x Zip Bag Fiber Freaks Wickpad

Low environmental impact. Fiber Freaks wicks are made in Europe using materials from a sustainably-managed forest. The use of the wood that goes into these wicks does not create deforestation like conventional means of production. Cotton production is very demanding on the environment because it requires very large amounts of water. Producing cotton also leads a significant rise in the CO2 rate. These pads use 95% less water than cotton, 80% less land area and have a 30% lower carbon footprint. The cellulose used as raw material follows the highest health standards for medical cytotoxicity, sensitive processes, and filtering foodstuffs at high temperatures. Sourced, produced, processed and packaged in France.