Deus Sub Ohm 18650 Battery (Stainless)

Another masterpiece from Vision - the 65W Deus is a single-battery 18650 mod with a truly innovative design inside and out! Full control, full output, full everything - the Deus has it all. If you're looking for a solid 18650 mod that can handle serious sub ohm vaping, look no further.

Length: 144mm
Diameter: 23mm
Wattage: Max. 65W
Resistance Range: 0.15Ω - 3.5Ω
Compatibility: 510

The technical specifications of the Deus is indeed very impressive, but there's much more to it than raw power. The Deus is made from stainless steel with exceptionally good workmanship. Solid and very durable, the Deus is equipped with many features that are guaranteed to make your vaping experience the best it can be! First and foremost, the main innovation is a 360° button that lets you control every aspect of the vape with the tip of your thumb. To lock/unlock, you just turn the button 90° and that's it. Once unlocked, you then click the button 5 times in 2.5 seconds to activate it. Another brilliant innovation is the concept of full output - the Deus delivers a consistent and accurate vape with every draw without losing any power.

VBAT (Battery Voltage) LED Power Display

When vaping,

VBAT is greater than 3.3V but less than 3.7V: LED flashes orange
VBAT is greater than 3.7V: LED flashes white

The Deus is loaded with safety features as well. The cut-off time is 15 seconds; the battery turns itself off if the button is pressed for more than 15 seconds. The Deus is also equipped with razor sharp technology that detects being idle for 3 seconds and enters a low-power mode by itself. The Deus can also detect low voltages. If the voltage is under 3.3V and you press the button, it goes into sleep mode. It even has reverse battery protection. All these features are made possible by the superbly designed printed circuit board (PCB). The Deus also features multiple air holes on the battery tube and the cap to keep the battery from overheating. Bottomline? The Deus is a very practical, very safe battery.

Package Contents

1x Deus 18650 Sub Ohm Battery (Stainless)

Important: The Deus does NOT include an inner 18650 battery.