Mini Spinner 2 Kit (Blue)

The Spinner 2 Mini e-cigarette is a member of the next generation of Spinner 2 hardware. The incredibly beautiful variable voltage battery comes with an equally awesome dual coil X.Fir BDC glassomizer that makes for an extremely attractive electronic cigarette that delivers outstanding performance.

If you need style and performance, you'd do well to consider the Spinner 2 Mini kit.

The X.Fir clearomizer is synonymous with phenomenal vapour performance. Flavour transmission is crystal clear and it produces absolutely massive plumes; the throat hit is superb! The Spinner 2 Mini kit is a variable voltage kit, you can adjust the strength of the vape by changing voltage.This is a very useful feature because if you enjoy taking short drags, you can increase voltage and get big vapour even though you take a small puff - this is not the case with non-VV batteries. If you prefer taking longer puffs you can lower voltage and get the exact amount of vapour you want without getting overloaded. Variable voltage not only allows you to adjust the amount of vapour, but also the strength of the throat hit. As you increase voltage levels, the throat kick becomes stronger so you can choose how hard a throat hit you want. Another noteworthy fact about the Spinner 2 Mini is that you can leave the dial between two voltage levels and get incremental effects. For example, if you leave the dial halfway between 3.3V and 3.8V, you get an effective voltage of 3.55V. Adjusting the voltage is very easy too; you just turn the spinner dial on the bottom of the battery and align the red indicator with your preferred voltage level. The Spinner 2 Mini kit is equipped with an upgraded and very stable printed circuit board (PCB) that ensures the battery is always protected against short circuiting, overcharging, and discharging. The 2ml clear tank takes a lot of liquid and lets you monitor e-liquid levels. Overall, the Spinner 2 Mini kit is one of the best ecigarettes in its class.


Length: 104.5mm
Diameter: 16.5mm
Power: 850mAh
Output Voltage: 3.3V - 4.8V


Length: 62.15mm
Diameter: 16.5mm
Liquid Capacity: 2ml
Resistance: Comes with one 1.5Ω and two 1.8Ω atomizer heads

Package Contents

1x Vapros/Vision Spinner 2 (II) Mini Battery (850mAh)
1x BDC Clearomizer (includes one changeable 1.5Ω atomizer head)
2x 1.8Ω Atomizer Head (Changeable)
1x USB Charger Cable
1x Wall Adapter (The kit originally comes with a US adapter but we replace it with an EU compatible adapter featuring two parallel round prongs that works in most EU countries)
1x User Manual