Maxxx Blend (30ml)

A rich and robust mix, Maxxx Blend has a beautifully thick and smoky profile that is a favorite of vapers worldwide. The beauty of Maxxx Blend is in the delicate balance of the components that go into it.

The soft, woody taste is counterbalanced with a touch of honey and spice that results in absolutely massive chunks of full-bodied vapor teeming with flavor. A smooth and light vape, Maxxx Blend has an unrivaled throat kick that makes your throat tingle with pleasure. It feels great going down and expands in the lungs incredibly well. Maxxx Blend can easily become your all-day vape, especially if you enjoy milder tobacco blends.

100% Safe VAPROS liquids are made in the EU with the highest quality ingredients and are ISO 9001 quality certified.

Package Contents

1x Maxxx Blend E-Liquid (30ml)