Fiber Freaks Original Wicks (20 Pre-Cut Wicks)

Fiber Freaks Original wicks are based on first "original" wickpad series. The raw material is reclaimed wood pulp, made using an organic solvent and synthesized under sterile conditions. The main innovation with these wicks is that they have 2 to 3 times higher capillary properties compared to cotton - which means they have more fiber strands. Extremely high performing in terms of absorbing and releasing liquid, these wicks do not retain flavors so they are perfect for vaping with different liquids, without getting the tastes mixed up. Flavor transmission is absolutely phenomenal.

Packaging: Hermetically-sealed (airtight) bag with zip
Content: 20 pre-cut wicks
Wick Size: 60mm x 9mm

Package Contents

1x Bag Fiber Freaks Original Wicks (20 Pre-Cut Wicks)