Stylish V1 1300mAh Variable Voltage Battery (Black)

The Vapros Stylish V1 VV battery is one of the most attractive batteries on the market with a beautiful text based graphic coating but the V1 VV isn't just about looks. It allows you to adjust voltage levels to best fit your preferences.

With variable voltage you get to choose the amount of vapour and the strength of the throat hit for an optimal vape.

Length: 121.6mm
Diameter: 16.6mm
Compatibility: 510/eGo
Voltage: 3.3V to 4.8V
Power: 1300mAh

The 1300mAh Stylish V1 VV comes 70% charged and in the "off" position. To turn the battery on/off, please click the button five times within two seconds. The battery allows you to vape with 3.3V, 3.8V, 4.3V or 4.8V. You can change voltage levels with 0.1V increments and pick in-between voltages. For example, if you leave the spinner dial halfway between 3.8V and 4.3V, you would get an effective voltage of 4.05 volts. The dial should not be forced beyond 3.3 and 4.8 volts as it may cause damage to the battery.

Connectors: Stainless steel and spring mounted - fits perfectly with all atomizers/clearomizers
Fan Vents: Features a cooling cell for overheating and short-circuiting
Power Indicator: One-click colour coded power check by pressing the battery once

Button Colours

Red: Battery full 0 to 30%
Blue: Battery full 30 to 60%
White: Battery full 60 to 100%


The button will flash in different colours when it needs to be charged. To best charge the battery, please use a USB charger with 420mAh output (and a wall adapter with 500mAh output if you will be charging through a wall socket). Chargers with lower output values may result in the battery not charging right or cause damage to battery cells.


The Stylish V1 VV battery is protected against power surges, undervoltage, short circuiting, and overcharging (the battery turns itself off when fully charged). The battery turns off automatically if the button is kept pressed for more than 8 seconds.

Package Contents

1x Vapros Stylish V1 Variable Voltage Battery (1300mAh)