Passion Apple (30ml)

Imagine taking a bite from the reddest of red apples; the taste, the satisfaction...we took that delicious sensation and bottled it just for you! Passion Apple is made with extracts from the brightest, reddest apples such as Red Delicious, Pacific Rose, and the darkest Fuji apples.

The taste is truly beyond comparison, and that's because Passion Apple vaporizes at extremely accurate flavor transmission levels. Not only that, it gives off incredibly large clouds just dripping with flavor. Not too sweet, not too sour, Passion Apple has an amazing throat hit as well. If you enjoy red apples, you will absolutely love Passion Apple.

100% Safe VAPROS liquids are made in the EU with the highest quality ingredients and are ISO 9001 quality certified.

Package Contents

1x Passion Apple E-Liquid (30ml)